Our Promise to our Client

It is important to note that at all times Intergate Namibia Immigration follows the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines of the Code of Conduct for Immigration Practitioners Section 46.

Ensuring Honesty and Fairness

Our company aims to be able and willing to deal fairly with clients.; perform diligently and honestly, investigate the objective facts of a case and refrain from making statements or encouraging the making of statements in support of an application, believing or knowing such statements to be misleading, inaccurate or false.

Be honest about the prospects of success when assessing a request for assistance, preparing a case or making an application as well as will not encourage the lodging of applications which have no likelihood of success.

We will ensure that a client has access to an interpreter where necessary and be mindful of a client’s dependence on our knowledge and experience. We will at all times act in accordance with the client’s instruction and preserve the confidentiality of any information acquired from the client.

Interaction with Department

We will respond to a request for information from a Department within a reasonable time and subject to client’ s instructions provide sufficient relevant information to the Department to allow a full assessment of all the facts against the relevant criteria as well as not submit applications under the Act or Regulations without the relevant documentation.

Intimidation and Coercion

We shall not intimidate, coerce or unduly pressure, threat or manipulate any person or unreasonably withhold from any client documents belonging to them and when requested by the client to return them.


We shall ensure our advertising is not misleading, false  or untruthful. We will not offer guarantees of success of an application and neither will we imply the existence of any special or privileged relationship with the Minister or officials of the Department.

Compliance with the Law

We shall at all times act in accordance with the Constitution, the law and the legitimate interest of a client. We know and understand the provisions of the Immigration Act and its Regulations and we will maintain a sound working knowledge of the relevant forms, procedures and laws.

Interaction with Client

We are accountable to our client and will always offer sound, competent and comprehensive advice and we will diligently and competently pursue the legal interests of a client.

Termination of Representation

We will complete all work as instructed by our client unless the client and we agree otherwise or whereby the client terminates instructions to us in writing.

We reserve the right to terminate any agreement with any client for just cause and will give reasonable explanation to the client in writing with reasonable notice.

Clients have to give Intergate Namibia Immigration 7 (seven) days notice of termination of services. Clients are responsible to inform Intergate Namibia Immigration if they have contacted or are using any other immigration practitioners’ services.