Namibian Study Permits




Any child who resides in Namibia and attends school/university/technicon (private or state) must apply for a Namibian study permit as per the law of Namibia.


  • Application Form (form 3-1/001)
  • Application for Visa (form 3-1/0033)
  • Copy of passport (only those pages reflecting the particulars of the passport holder)
  • 2 x Passport photo’s
  • Confirmation letter from school or institute of learning
  • Copies of parents/guardian’s passports with current status in Namibia (work permit/temporary residence permit, etc.)
  • Original Police Clearance Certificate from Country of origin (Certificate of Good Conduct – applicable to all applicants 18 years and older)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Radiological Report
  • Deed of Surety (signed by person giving surety in the case of deportation – in this case, the parent)
  • Proof of sufficient funds (all applicants 18 years and older) available to maintain yourself whilst residing in Namibia in the form of:
    – Bank Statements
    – Written Confirmation from a Supporting Family member (copy of ID or Passport of such person)
  • Motivation Letter from parents
  • In the case of a Guardian – confirmation of guardianship from appointed guardian in Namibia
  • Power of attorney granting Fishmar t/a Intergate Namibia Immigration to act on your behalf

TIME FRAME: 90 days from date of application

Please note that requirements can be changed without notification. Please contact us for further information.