Transparent Business Relationship

Openness and transparency are key to credibility and trust in business practice. We expect our clients and business partners to especially observe the basic principles that follow:

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Intergate Namibia Immigration, its clients and partners make decisions based solely on objective criteria and do not allow themselves to be guided by personal interests or relationships.

Prohibition on Corruption

Our organization, clients and partners do not tolerate corruption. They ensure that their employees, subcontractors or representatives do not grant, offer or accept any bribes, kickbacks, inadmissible donations or other inadmissible payments or benefits to or by customers, officials or other third parties. This also applies to so-called “facilitation payments” (e.g. illegal payments to accelerate administration matters that are routinely encountered).

Gifts, Hospitality and Invitations

Intergate Namibia Immigration, its clients and partners do not offer employees or any third parties any inappropriate benefits either directly or indirectly in the form of gifts, hospitality or invitations to unduly influence them. Neither do they ask for nor accept such benefits.

Status as Customers and Dealing with Authorities

Our organisation, clients and partners consistently comply with the strict legal provisions when dealing with governments, authorities and public institutions. When taking part in public solicitation for bids or tenders they comply with all legal regulations and abide by the rules of free and fair competition.

Consultants and Agents

Intergate Namibia Immigrations, its clients and partners only employ consultants or agents in line with the laws in force. They take particular care to ensure that consultants and agents are only remunerated for their consulting and agency services actually rendered and that the payments are commensurate with the performance rendered.